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Finding a Deeper Meaning

Through Self-Discovery

Whether it's through an aura reading, mediumship reading, or in a NUSHU Group, my main priority is to guide you back to you (and your Spirit Team). I believe everyone has deep inner wisdom, waiting to be tapped into. I believe everyone possesses their own unique magical gifts. Most importantly, I believe everyone has the power to heal themselves. 

I am a fellow traveler, committed to walking alongside you on this journey through life. 


"For days I’ve been mulling over what would be the best, most helpful information to share about my readings.  Then I laugh because it reminds me of something Beth said about me in one of them!  The really cool thing is how much it rings true. Cooler still is how MANY things ring true. Beth was really able to lift the veil and help bring some clarity to me. And to be honest she really stirred up some things that showed me about being stuck, taking steps, and believing that source will rise to meet me if I just accept it. And although I’m not ready to walk off any cliffs to test that right now, I have at least come to their edges.

If you want to know more about yourself or to feel connected to something more, be kind to yourself and have a reading with Beth."

Rebecca C.

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