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The Butterfly Beth:
Death Doula, Group Facilitator, and Medium

Embrace Transformation:

Your Guide to Compassionate End-of-Life Care
and Spiritual Connection
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Death, Dying & Grief Event - April 20, 2024

This free event aims to inform our community about the significance of

pre-planning, offer support for grief, and provide valuable resources concerning death and dying.

What an EVENT!!!


Thank you to all who attended, helped, set up, spoke, or supported this event. Check out the photos HERE or head over to our resources page to get all the info.

Work With Me

Work With Me

Leaves Shadow

Experience the transformative power of a mediumship reading that provides insight and clarity on your spiritual path.

Leaves Shadow

Navigating the complex journey of life's end with compassion and support, ensuring a peaceful transition.

Leaves Shadow

Join transformative group sessions fostering connection, self-discovery, and collective healing.

Get to Know Butterfly Beth

My name is Beth Montgomery, a death doula, group facilitator and medium.


Whether through a reading, group session, or conversation about death and dying, my purpose is to guide you back to yourself and connect you with your Spirit Team.

Your Trusted Companion on Life's Journey

My passion is to walk alongside you with compassion and understanding.

I'm a death doula, group facilitator and medium.

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I believe in the innate wisdom and magical gifts within each person.
My mission is to empower you to tap into your unique strengths, guiding you toward self-healing and personal transformation.


"For days I’ve been mulling over what would be the best, most helpful information to share about my readings.  Then I laugh because it reminds me of something Beth said about me in one of them!  The really cool thing is how much it rings true. Cooler still is how MANY things ring true. Beth was really able to lift the veil and help bring some clarity to me. And to be honest she really stirred up some things that showed me about being stuck, taking steps, and believing that source will rise to meet me if I just accept it. And although I’m not ready to walk off any cliffs to test that right now, I have at least come to their edges.

If you want to know more about yourself or to feel connected to something more, be kind to yourself and have a reading with Beth."

Rebecca C.

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