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NUSHU Group & Reading
Kind Words

“As a Queer life coach, I hold a sacred space for people to come and express themselves freely. Being in the community myself, I've also been in need of a space where I can take off my coaching hat & just be human for a little while. The NUSHU groups have been so helpful in this because it allows me to share what's on my mind and heart, without the fear of being judged or questioned. Beth really does a great job at holding space for folks, so if you're needing someone to just witness you in your experience, I'd highly recommend checking out the NUSHU groups that Beth facilitates.”

Jay Joseph King

Queer Life Coach

“My reading was so informative, accurate, and validating! Beth focused in on things that I knew I was feeling and doing without even acknowledging it to myself. She took extra time to be sure she answered all my questions and was positive and encouraging throughout our time together. I can’t wait to book with her again for a longer session!”

Cynna-Rose V.

“I was so impressed by Beth’s intuitive abilities. I am grateful for the beautiful aura and psychic energy reading she did for me. Her spirit is genuinely beautiful and she has a magnetic personality. So amazing!!!!”

Carla A.

“Went to Beth for an aura reading and it was AMAZING. So enlightening and validating, such a wonderful experience!”

McKenna S.

“Having a reading with Beth is like meditating with a friend.. it's relaxing and you can slip right into it gently. She makes you feel comfortable and heard.  A reading is a beautiful safe space to let the universe tell you what you need to hear.. knowing your aura helps you to build on the foundations you've already laid and allows you to change and adapt in a way that is at your own pace... I simply loved my time and will be doing another reading in a few months or so! Thank you Beth!”

April W.

“My 8 yo daughter and I did a reading together and it was such an amazing experience for us! There was information we learned about each other and also some information I had suspected that was confirmed. I definitely want to do this session again alone and with a few close friends. Until next time love and light to you Beth ❤️”

Tristan L.

“Beth is an incredibly sweet soul who is in tune with the universe. Her aura readings are spot on and she is an absolute delight to work with!”

Jarrod T.

“My reading was very special. My baseline aura surprised me a little but it makes total sense. It was special to have my dog jump up & then have his aura shine through as well. There was a mention of a penguin during my reading that I did not know what that meant. Later that day I found the penguin, cleaning out my Moms apartment, her penguin sweater appeared & screamed I am yours. My Dad made an appearance as his younger self. She described him as exactly a picture I grew up looking at. It was very magical & spiritual.”

Liesl D.

“Beth is an amazing intuitive guide and helped me clarify some issues that I was working through.  Her aura reading gave me a lot of insight and I was able to take the information she showed me about myself and use it in a productive way in my everyday life. Beth is kind, empathetic and I feel safe and trust her deeply grounded and spiritual work completely.”

Whitney S.

“I felt so comfortable in my reading with Beth. She approaches her readings with love and care and has a true talent to connect the person she is reading, along with passed loved ones and to read auras. Everything we talked about really resonated with me and I left the reading feeling refreshed, inspired, and in awe of what I had just experienced. I couldn't have been happier with my experience with Beth!”


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