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My name is Beth Montgomery

Death Doula | Group Facilitator | Medium

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The Full Story

Since I was a little girl, I've had the unique ability to see aura colors, energy, and communicate with Spirit. Now, as an adult, I'm privileged and honored to share this gift with thousands of people.

In 2022, I made a significant decision to become a death doula. Why? Because I have a deep desire to create safe spaces for those tough conversations we tend to shy away from—conversations about death, dying, and grief.


I've noticed that as a society, we often skirt around these topics or struggle to broach them altogether. Yet, death is a universal life experience. Coming to terms with my own mortality has spurred me to explore how I can help others make peace with theirs.

Today, I'm not just a death doula. I'm an experienced aura/energy reader, psychic intuitive, intuitive tarot reader, and group facilitator certified with the NUSHU modality.


I'm someone who passionately believes in helping people uncover their innate gifts, connect with their intuition, and lead more authentic and fulfilling lives.


Whether it's through aura readings, tarot sessions, or guiding workshops, my mission is to offer compassionate and empowering support to those seeking clarity, healing, and transformation. In life and in death.

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